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1. Redefining Your Firm’s Niche and Vision

1. Redefining Your Firm's Niche and Vision

1. Redefining Your Firm's Niche and VisionDisruption in the Legal Industry Calls for BoldLaw Firms: Overhaul Marketing for 2024 or Get Left Behind Digital Marketing

How Changing Client Expectations Demand a Fresh Approach

The legal landscape in 2024 looks markedly different than it did just a few years ago. Innovation and new technologies have changed both how legal work gets done and what clients expect from their law firms.

Growing Demands for Speed, Accessibility, and Value

Today’s clients increasingly want on-demand expertise, predictable budgets, and better use of technology. An IBM survey found that 64% of legal clients now prioritize speed as one of their top needs from a law firm. Additionally, 58% named price predictability as a key expectation.

This signals a shift away from the traditional billable hour model. Clients instead want flat project fees and more flexibility. They expect law firms to adopt modern solutions like AI and process automation to improve efficiency.

The Emergence of Low-Cost Competitors

At the same time, new low-cost competitors are entering the legal arena. Companies like LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, and Lawyaw are using technology to offer basic legal services at a fraction of a typical lawyer’s hourly rate.

While these focus on routine documents and advice, they raise client awareness of alternative options. This further pressures law firms to demonstrate their added value and better client experience.

For example, a client seeking to update their will may compare the $500 fee from a local firm against LegalZoom’s $79 online solution. While the firm can provide tailored expertise, they must now showcase their experience and specialization to win the business.

Taking Inspiration from Innovative Industries

Thankfully, this technology revolution also brings opportunities. As clients expect Amazon-like convenience from legal, firms can look to reinvent themselves similarly to brands in other innovative sectors.

Data-Driven Personalization

Retailers like Nike lead the way in using data to offer customized products and marketing. Similarly, law firms can embrace AI and analytics tools to deeply understand each client’s specific needs.

For example, instead of giving every client the same standardized package of services, firms could leverage data-driven insights to send custom engagement letters catered to specific industries, risk factors, and strategic priorities.

A shipping company may receive a uniquely tailored letter highlighting relevant logistical regulations, liability projections, and references to similar past casework. At the same time, a tech startup could get a version outlining intellectual property considerations, potential patent filing support, and venture capital term sheet options.

This level of personalization extends into communication formats as well. By analyzing client demographics, past interactions, and even social media profiles, law firms can determine ideal outreach methods on an individual basis.

For instance, an investment bank may best respond to traditional industry white papers to keep informed on relevant legal developments. In contrast, a retail chain may prefer short, visual infographics centered on how new rulings impact their business and compliance needs.

Enhancing personalization requires integrating discrete systems and data sources to create unified client profiles. This relies on strong data governance, which remains a key obstacle. In a 2021 industry survey, just 6% of firms said they had mature data governance capabilities.

However, the technology now exists to clean up legacy systems and properly organize new and existing data. Forward-looking firms are appointing dedicated Chief Data Officers to drive this transformation. And they are turning to AI-powered customer relationship management platforms to enable customization.

The leaders in leveraging data-driven personalization will gain sharper competitive positioning. This will ultimately translate into expanded business, stronger client retention, and more diverse service offerings.

Omnichannel Delivery Models

Brands like Apple have long offered seamless omnichannel buying experiences bridging online and offline. Law firms should similarly meet clients on their channel of choice – whether via video call, online portal, in-person visit, etc.

The following is a DRAMATIZATION AND IS NOT AN ACTUAL EVENT: If a client prefers to check a contract’s status via mobile app, for instance, this access should be enabled rather than directing them to call during 9-5 business hours.


As client demands and competitive threats accelerate, law firms must reimagine their digital strategies. Those who resist change risk losing relevance and growth opportunities. But by taking inspiration from cutting-edge innovators, legal services leaders can transform disruption into a strategic advantage.

FAQsLaw Firms: Overhaul Marketing for 2024 or Get Left Behind

1. What are some examples of disruption in the legal industry?

Key disruptions include new technologies like AI automation, alternative online legal service models such as LegalZoom, accounting firms expanding into legal services, changing client expectations for speed and accessibility enabled by tech advances, and globalization expanding competitive threats.

2. How can law firms improve efficiency?

Top ways law firms can improve efficiency include adopting AI and process automation, shifting towards predictable flat fees, leveraging data and analytics, streamlining operations, training staff on new technologies, and consolidating supplier relationships.

3. What does it mean to reimagine legal marketing?

Reimagining legal marketing involves shifting from traditional techniques to embracing digital tools and strategies that better meet modern client expectations – such as targeted online marketing, social media, SEO, content marketing, client portals/apps, interactive formats like video and podcasts, and conveying subject matter expertise.

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