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11. Where Are Your Prospects, Shouldn’t You Be There?

geo-targeted ads for law offices

Tapping Into Geo-Targeted Advertising: A Comprehensive Guide

The Power of Persistencygeotargeting

Congratulations on making it halfway through this marketing journey. You’ve shown dedication and persistence, crucial to becoming a top-tier marketer. Hopefully, you’ve had a partner or staff member alongside you to enhance the process.

Being a top marketer doesn’t mean manipulating algorithms or deceiving potential clients. It’s about strategic tactics that elevate you into the top 20% of marketers in your market. Remember, according to the 80/20 rule, 80% of the business goes to 20% of the providers. That’s the goal, and you’re making excellent strides.

The Obvious Example

Way back in the day, my father helped develop what became Ontario’s largest chain of eat in and take out Pizza shops.   Their first criteria in picking locations was to drive the neighborhood under consideration.  The thought was, if there were no Pizza Parlors, the neighborhood probably doesn’t like Pizza, find another location.  That’s the beauty of knowing where your potential clients are.  If you were an Intellectual Property attorney, where are your clients?  Are they likely to be attending any specific conventions?  If yes, isn’t that a great place to advertise digitally?  If you are a Personal Injury Attorney, the best cases are probably located at a level 1 Trauma center (my daughter works at Tampa General, a Level One  Trauma center).  Wouldn’t it be amazing, if you could quietly send simple non-pushy ads into the waiting rooms of these centers?   You won’t get immediate business, but you will get recognition, and as your marketing strategy continues, you will be first of mind when the client is ready to hire a Personal Injury Attorney.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Let’s delve into more advanced strategies that are both cost-effective and incredibly potent for certain niches. We are talking about geographic or location-based advertising. For example, consider a law firm specializing in disputes involving homeowners associations. By leveraging public records, they could target mobile ads to HOA meetings, making them highly visible to potential clients. [Read more about location-based marketing strategies here.](,based%20on%20behaviors%20and%20demographics.)

Another example is probate attorneys, who could benefit from targeting funeral homes and cemeteries. Or consider personal injury lawyers who could advertise in emergency rooms and brain trauma centers. While slightly controversial, these strategies offer a direct, cost-effective way to reach qualified potential clients. [Check out this article to understand more about ethical considerations in advertising.]–update-to-advertising–marketing-rules/

Captivating Success Stories

Consider a client who organizes mega-events like large city festivals. They got authorized to be an event provider for Super Bowl. They achieved massive response rates by targeting their ads to everyone in the Miami Super Bowl stadium for merely a hundred dollars. This strategy emphasizes the power of location-based advertising.

Strategy Implementation and Customer Avatar

So, how can you implement this strategy? Start with the client avatar you defined earlier in our lessons. Where would your ideal client be physical? If you can answer this, location-based advertising could be a game-changer. For instance, if you are a personal injury attorney, your clients might frequent chiropractic clinics, pain management centers, or emergency rooms.

Remember, location-based advertising only works on mobile phones, but the responses are typically highly qualified leads. Why? Because they’ve seen your brand, even subconscious recognition can make them more likely to engage with your content.

Leverage Conferencesadvertising

Think about targeting locations like conferences. For instance, if you gain most of your business through referrals from other attorneys, consider advertising at law conferences. This way, you can direct your ads to a concentrated audience directly related to your field of practice.

10 Easy Examples of Geo-targeted  Ads for Attorneys

Let’s look at 10 different types of law offices, that have potential clients that are likely to congregate in a specific place.  A place that you can send geo-targeted ads to very inexpensively.

Here are 10 types of legal practices and where they might advertise using geofencing or geo targeted ads:

  1. Personal Injury: pain clinics, car dealerships, courthouses, accident scenes
  2. Family Law: marriage counseling offices, divorce lawyers, child custody lawyers, adoption agencies
  3. Criminal Law: law enforcement agencies, courthouses, prisons, bail bondsmen
  4. Real Estate: home improvement stores, mortgage lenders, title companies, real estate agents
  5. Employment Law: labor unions, unemployment offices, government agencies, human resources departments
  6. Immigration Law: border crossings, consulates, airports, immigration lawyers
  7. Business Law: chambers of commerce, business schools, financial institutions, tax preparers
  8. Wills & Estates: funeral homes, banks, retirement homes, senior centers
  9. Tax Law: accountants, financial advisors, small businesses, tax preparation offices
  10. Consumer Law: Better Business Bureau, government agencies, consumer advocacy groups

These are just a few examples, of course. The specific locations where an attorney might advertise using geofencing or geo targeted ads would depend on the specific type of law they practice and the target audience they are trying to reach.

For example, a personal injury attorney might target their ads to people who have recently been in car accidents. They could do this by geo fencing around hospitals, urgent care centers, and pain clinics. They could also target their ads to people who have searched for terms related to car accidents, such as “car accident lawyer” or “personal injury claim.”

A family law attorney might target their ads to people who are getting divorced or going through a custody battle. They could do this by geo fencing around courthouses, marriage counseling offices, and child custody lawyers, or Parent Child Coordinator offices where families are usually required to attend. They could also target their ads to people who have searched for terms related to family law, such as “divorce lawyer” or “child custody lawyer.”

Geofencing and geo targeted ads can be a very effective way to reach potential clients who are in need of legal services. By targeting their ads to the right people, attorneys can increase their chances of getting new clients and growing their businesses.

The Takeaway

The key takeaway from this lesson is to understand where your ideal client might be physically. Whether it’s an individual office, a collective conference, or a frequent location like a doctor’s office, geo-targeted ads can deliver cost-effective, high-quality leads right to your doorstep. Our upcoming session will cover more innovative strategies to refine your marketing prowess. Stay tuned!


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