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Shifting Your Mindset and Language

Welcome back to Week Four of our online training series! Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the importance of twenty essential lessons that will transform your online presence over the course of twenty-six weeks. Today, we’ll dive into the significance of your language when discussing your online efforts with others and highlight the vital basics of social media for law firms.

Embracing a Mind Shift for Online Success

The first lesson we tackled was the need for a mind shift. We must move away from merely trying different strategies to see what works and instead embrace the idea that online success is a cumulative and synergistic effort. Have you had that mind shift yet? Have you discussed this transformation with your firm’s partners?

Optimizing Google My Business for Visibility

Now, let’s shift our focus to practicalities. The second lesson revolves around Google My Business, the leading online directory managed by the world’s largest search engine. Don’t dismiss it just because it’s associated with Google. By neglecting Google My Business, you’re positioning yourself among the 80% who receive only 20% of the business. To step into the top 20%, you must establish a fully optimized Google My Business profile.

Maximizing Visibility in Legal Directories

Next, we address the importance of being listed in legal directories. Have you taken the necessary steps to ensure your firm’s presence in major legal directories? Boosting your visibility on platforms like can significantly improve your chances of joining the top 20% that secures 80% of the business.

Congratulations on Progressing to the 20%

Assuming you’ve followed these actions, you’re already on your way to becoming part of the 20%. Congratulations! While I won’t chastise those who haven’t completed their homework, it’s crucial to recognize the discipline required to achieve success. Committing to essential practices and investing in the proper strategies will elevate your firm’s standing.

social media lawfirmsSocial Media: The Next Step in Your Journey

Let’s delve into social media—the next step in your journey. Social media is often misunderstood, with many misconceptions about its purpose and potential. We won’t name names, but some experts advocate for complex strategies that may not be feasible for busy attorneys. However, don’t dismiss social media entirely. It has immense value when used correctly.

Establishing a Consistent Presence on Social Media

To begin, consider the fundamentals. Your presence on social media platforms should align with your brand consistently. Your banners, profile information, and content should reflect your firm’s identity. Even if it’s not extensive, establishing a consistent content stream helps showcase your firm’s active engagement.

Start Small and Leverage Technology

When it comes to creating content, don’t let the process overwhelm you. Start small and simple. For example, consider posting motivational messages, interesting facts, or updates relevant to your practice area three times a week. Remember, social media is not the place for direct selling; it’s about demonstrating your firm’s vitality and presence.

To optimize your social media efforts, leverage technology. Utilize tools to syndicate your content across multiple platforms, amplifying your reach without requiring significant additional effort. Being omnipresent on various social media platforms ensures you meet potential clients where they are, regardless of your personal preferences or biases.

lawyers social media postingA Law Firm Case Study, Effective Use of Social Media

Case Study: The Power of Social Media for a Personal Injury Attorney

Fictional Client: Johnson & Associates Personal Injury Law Firm


Johnson & Associates, a personal injury law firm, recognized the immense potential of social media as a tool to build relationships, establish trust, and generate referrals. They aimed to leverage social media platforms to connect with prospective clients, establish their expertise, and foster a positive reputation in the community.


1. Building an Engaging Online Presence:

Johnson & Associates crafted a comprehensive social media strategy that focused on creating informative, engaging, and shareable content. They used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to regularly share valuable resources, legal tips, success stories, and relevant news updates related to personal injury law. By consistently delivering quality content, they aimed to position themselves as trusted authorities in the field.

2. Humanizing the Firm:

Understanding the importance of the “know, like, and trust” factor, Johnson & Associates showcased the human side of their firm on social media. They shared behind-the-scenes glimpses of their team, highlighted their community involvement, and shared personal stories of clients they had helped. By humanizing their brand, they aimed to build authentic connections and foster a sense of relatability and trust with their audience.

3. Encouraging Engagement and User-Generated Content:

To foster active engagement, Johnson & Associates encouraged their followers to share their personal experiences, ask questions, and seek legal advice through comments and direct messages. They responded promptly and thoughtfully, demonstrating their commitment to client care. They also encouraged clients to provide testimonials and share success stories, leveraging user-generated content to showcase their track record of helping clients.


1. Establishing Trust and Credibility:

Through their strategic social media efforts, Johnson & Associates successfully established a reputation for expertise, trustworthiness, and empathy. Prospective clients gained insights into the firm’s values, legal knowledge, and commitment to serving the community. This transparency and credibility helped foster trust even before potential clients had met the attorneys in person.

2. Referral Generation:

The power of social media became evident as Johnson & Associates started receiving referrals from individuals who had never personally used their services but had developed trust in the firm through their social media presence. Friends, family members, and colleagues of existing clients were referring others based on the positive experiences shared by the firm’s followers on social media. This referral network expanded its reach and brought in a steady stream of new clients.

3. Increased Brand Awareness and Engagement:

By consistently sharing valuable content, Johnson & Associates experienced a significant increase in brand visibility and audience engagement. Their social media posts reached a broader audience, with many followers actively liking, sharing, and commenting on their content. This heightened engagement helped extend their reach, attract more followers, and create a community of individuals who trusted and valued their expertise.

Fictional Case Study Conclusion:

Johnson & Associates’ strategic use of social media as a personal injury attorney yielded remarkable results. They established trust, nurtured relationships, and generate referrals by leveraging social media platforms. Prospective clients could “know, like, and trust” the firm before even meeting them, thanks to its engaging and informative social media presence. Social media proved a powerful tool for personal injury attorneys to showcase their expertise, build credibility, and foster meaningful connections with their target audience.

Embrace the Basics and Own the Front Page

While social media strategies can vary depending on the platform, audience, and objectives, we must start with the basics. Don’t let the complexities and nuances of social media deter you from establishing a strong foundation. Ensure your firm’s presence across various platforms, fill in the essential information, and maintain an active and consistent presence.

By conquering these foundational steps, you position your firm to own the first page of search results and increase your visibility among potential clients. Remember, success on social media is about being present, showcasing your firm’s vitality, and meeting clients where they are. So, be the 20 and master the basics of social media for your law firm’s growth and success.


Additional Resources For Attorneys Needing More Information on Using Social Media to Grow Their Firm.

Here are three resources that provide additional resources for attorneys interested in effectively using social media:

1. American Bar Association: Own the Map: Marketing Your Law Firm’s Address Online

The book delves deep into the thoughts and preferences of potential legal clients, focusing on their inclination to seek local services. Own the Map showcases effective marketing strategies utilized by thriving law firms to leverage the convenience of location, providing practical tactics for implementation.

2. Martindale – Avvo: How Can I Increase My Law Firm’s Visibility on Google?

Unlocking Google’s Power: Boost Your Law Firm’s Visibility and Attract More Clients with These Simple Steps. Don’t let your firm go unnoticed – claim your Google My Business profile, add captivating photos, gather reviews, list in legal directories, and invest in SEO content to dominate the search results.

3. SEM RUSH: Local SEO for lawyers: a by-the-book plan to win at search

Discover effective strategies for local law firms to boost their visibility on Google and attract more clients through search traffic. Learn how optimizing your Google Business Profile with compelling reviews and relevant content can increase your chances of appearing in the coveted local pack.

Please note that while these links provide valuable information, reviewing and adapting the strategies and recommendations based on individual law firm goals, jurisdictional rules, and ethical obligations is essential.

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