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Need a little reassurance before investing hard earned dollars in internet marketing?

Happy to Oblige! Welcome to the HOF, Inc. family of online marketing brands.

“Success lives in those that DO what others WON’T, to live a life that others CAN’T.

Jeff Folkersen,
President, HOF Inc.
Founding Partner, Local Legal Marketing


Support Clients’ Success first, that’s where we start.

Getting to know us is your first investment in trusting us with your success journey.

Client Success First has led us for over two generations.

We ALWAYS prefer to talk about our clients, their dreams, successes, and goals. However, you chose to click on an “about us” link instead of case studies about our clients. So, for one page, we will let you look at our pedigree and how we have earned a seat at the table as your Digital Marketing Strategist.

Our roots started in 1980 as Habitat Marketing, Inc., a real estate lifestyle marketing company in Boca Raton, Florida. In 2000 we rebranded as HOF, Inc., transitioning from real estate and lifestyle marketing to digital marketing.

Local Legal Marketing is HOF’s latest and proudest brand, dedicated to creating alpha legal marketers through vibrant focused education and coaching.

Habitat was founded by Henry and Evyonne Folkersen. Their son, Jeff, joined immediately after graduation from Florida Atlantic University, one of their youngest graduates and a Faculty Scholar. Henry retired; Jeff is now President. Henry remains active on the Board of Directors, manages an investment trust, authored fiction and motivational books, and is an active sailor.

Over the past 40 years, Jeff has made a few forays into Corporate America. These experiences dramatically expanded the firms’ knowledge of empowering businesses to succeed at Enterprise scale. Among the organizations that Jeff has helped scale are USConnect, growing their technology education from Ground Zero to 8 figures in 3 years, and HSN, where he managed the ERP software that drove all other systems at the $4Billion Mega Retailer. Employment, though never fit as well as Entrepreneurship. Jeff always came back to HOF. In fact, for most of his years “employed,” HOF was still active as a “side hustle” to help feed the needs of a bit of an anomaly of a family. He’s the father of quintuplets! He continues to lead HOF with the same unwavering drive to

"Create Clients' Success First."

Our founding company, Habitat, was an anomaly. Rather than simply collect rent and eject businesses when they hit turbulence, they dove into their store owners’ business. They focused on their clients’ businesses in all aspects, from marketing to merchandising, finance to customer care. They executed with certainty through Boom and Bust. Certainty developed over a lifetime of observation and participation in countless businesses. The Client Success First spirit and staying the course personified during the pandemic. We continued to market aggressively, even forgiving payment for clients unable to afford the effort during the lockdown.

For two generations, we’ve operated from a place of certainty that supporting Clients’ Success First is, for us, the best path to our Success. We refuse to be among those that lack client-first focus, those leaving frustrated clients in their wake. It’s not in our DNA.

Habitat developed and marketed large subdivisions and small shopping centers, all with a lifestyle focus. Habitat, rebranded as HOF, started in telephone communications and evolved into cell phones and digital communication. Next, HOF moved into executing marketing strategies for plazas and individual businesses. HOF has been on a steady path from bricks and mortar to Digital since its inception.

HOF’s participation in Digital began in the early days of the internet. We were beta testers for the world’s very first broadcast Email Prospecting and Contact system (you could almost blame us for SPAM). In addition, Jeff wrote the documentation for the world’s first graphic editor for the WWW, published internationally by Macmillan Press. Our accomplishments range from bringing international teaching to high schools in remote areas of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to creating the most successful Online Dental Directory, Emergency Dental Walk-ins.

There was a time when word processing in an attorney’s office was a luxury only available to the most prominent firms and only for the most critical matters. Wang Word processing mini-computers started at $100,000 and rose rapidly. Our first commercial involvement with the legal profession began with law office pioneers, bringing microcomputer-based word processing into their firms, at a tenth the price and twice the functionality of the “status quo. Our partnership with the legal profession continues unabated. Creating websites and digital strategies for the Legal profession has become our sole focus. Our passion is working with those few law firms genuinely motivated to grow by seemingly absurd metrics. What is outlandish to others is only a starting point for Rainmakers.

We make digital rainmakers!

Local Legal Marketing is a roadmap of strategies helping hundreds, perhaps thousands, of businesses grow into alpha competitors, competitors in the top 20% of their market. Your Success Journey starts with a clear goal of being in the top 20%, among those competitors capturing 80% of the revenue.

Top 20 success either creates a springboard to further and higher levels of Success or gives the law firm equity partners the opportunity to live an extraordinary lifestyle, supported by their profitable practice. Which path you choose directs the online digital strategy that Local Legal Marketing executes because it’s all about Clients’ Success First. Local Legal Marketing is the well-worn path we’ve used to help business owners of all kinds. However, for those that prefer a DIY approach, our process is available as a 20-week course called BeThe20.

To be outlandishly successful, you must do your part and commit to excellence as a law firm. You must also do your part and follow Local Legal Marketing’s systems to establish momentum for at least a year. Whether you follow the process through our DIY training or partner with us to do the heavy lifting, your firm will be an alpha marketer in your geographic space, in your specialty.

Welcome to Local Legal Marketing. We’re honored that you’ve entrusted us with your Success!


What Makes Us Different

Keep Focused

Our goal is simple. Make our client's money. Drive new prospects into law firms. "Bright Shiny Object" syndrome is a luxury that we can't afford until you have met your income goals.

Research Before Action

First Things First, research your marketing efforts, research the competition just as thoroughly. Guage an appropriate level of effort before engaging a winning strategy. Understand where the competition can be beaten, understand where you are strong, and where you need more support. Discover new opportunities to market

Exercise Discipline with Creativity

First Things First, research your marketing efforts, research the competition just as thoroughly. Guage an appropriate level of effort before engaging a winning strategy. Understand where the competition can be beaten, understand where you are strong, and where you need more support. Discover new opportunities to market

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