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The Power of Follow-Up in Legal Marketing: Turning Browsers Into Clients

Welcome back! We’ve reached halfway in our online training series, “Training Tuesdays” If you’ve been following along, you know that our goal is to position your law firm among the top 20% in marketing strategies, and you’re well on your way there.

The Value of Sales Lead Follow-up in the Legal Profession: Nurturing Prospects for Success

At Local Legal Marketing, we understand the unique challenges attorneys face regarding sales lead follow-up. Many attorneys, focused on their expertise and the notion that clients will naturally come to them, may overlook the importance of proactive follow-up. This blog post aims to shed light on the significance of sales lead follow-up in the legal profession. We provide valuable insights, statistics, and creative strategies for effective follow-up that can enhance a law firm’s success without compromising its professional image.

The Power of Follow-up in Closing New Legal Matters:

Like any other service-based business, the legal industry dramatically benefits from diligent sales lead follow-up. Research shows that a staggering number of potential clients decide to hire a law firm based on the quality and consistency of the follow-up they receive. According to industry statistics, nearly 80% of sales require at least five follow-up interactions to secure a successful conversion. These numbers highlight the undeniable importance of persistent and strategic follow-up in closing business for law firms.

Overcoming Resistance and Embracing Salesmanship:

Most attorneys naturally focus on their legal expertise rather than the sales aspect of running a law firm. This can make sales, salesmanship, and follow-up foreign or uncomfortable. However, by understanding that adequate follow-up is a critical component of business development, attorneys can embrace a rainmaker mindset and tap into their potential to nurture prospects and grow their client base.

Creative Follow-up Strategies:

Effective follow-up extends beyond the traditional approach of calling prospects and asking if they are ready to move forward. Here are some creative follow-up ideas that can engage prospects and keep your law firm top of mind:

1. Personalized Email Sequences:

Craft personalized and informative email sequences to educate prospects about their legal needs, share relevant resources, and subtly position your law firm as the ideal solution. You build trust and credibility by providing valuable information over time, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

2. Thought Leadership Content:

Regularly publish thought-provoking and informative content, such as blog posts or articles, on your website or through industry publications. Share this content with prospects as part of your follow-up strategy to demonstrate your expertise and maintain a consistent presence.

3. Client Success Stories:

Share compelling client success stories or case studies with prospects to showcase your firm’s abilities and the positive outcomes you have achieved for previous clients. Highlighting real-life examples creates trust and confidence in your firm’s capabilities.

4. Social Media Engagement:

Utilize social media platforms to engage with prospects and share relevant content, industry news, or legal insights. This approach allows you to stay connected and interact with prospects in a more informal and approachable manner.

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Follow Up Examples:

1. A potential client contacts a law firm seeking legal advice. The firm promptly responds to the initial inquiry and follows up with a personalized email, sharing additional resources and offering to schedule a consultation. Over time, the firm continues to engage with the prospect through informative content, ultimately nurturing the relationship and securing their business when the time is right.

2. Another law firm receives a lead but fails to follow up consistently or effectively. As a result, the prospect loses interest and reaches out to a competitor who has maintained regular contact and provided valuable insights. The competitor ultimately wins the client’s trust and secures their business, highlighting the missed opportunity caused by inadequate follow-up.

Law Office Follow Up FAQ:

Q: How often should I follow up with a potential client without becoming too pushy?

A: Strive to balance persistence and respect the prospect’s boundaries. Generally, spacing your follow-up interactions at appropriate intervals, such as once every 1-2 weeks, can help maintain engagement without overwhelming the prospect.

Q: How can I track the effectiveness of my follow-up efforts?

A: Utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software to track interactions, monitor email open rates, and analyze client conversion rates. These insights can help refine your follow-up strategy and identify areas for improvement.

Q: What if a prospect reaches out early in their decision-making process but takes months to make a final decision?

A: Consistently nurture the relationship by providing valuable content, periodic check-ins, and updates. This ensures that your law firm remains top of mind when the prospect is ready to move forward.

Q: How can I personalize follow-up without sacrificing efficiency?

A: Utilize automation tools that allow you to tailor follow-up communications based on specific prospect characteristics or interactions. This enables personalized engagement at scale, saving time while maintaining a personal touch.


Sales lead follow-up plays a crucial role in the success of law firms. While attorneys may initially find the concept unfamiliar, adopting effective follow-up strategies can yield significant results. By recognizing the importance of salesmanship, embracing creative follow-up methods, and leveraging technology, attorneys can build strong relationships, enhance their reputation, and secure valuable clients. Remember, consistent and diligent follow-up is the key to transforming prospects into loyal clients and driving the growth of your law firm.

Importance of Engaging with Your Audienceengaging customer

The key focus this week is on follow-up. This is crucial, even if your potential clients don’t leave you their contact information. It’s common for law firms to manage multiple social media accounts and have various avenues for engagement, such as opt-in forms and online chats. Despite doing all this, some firms fail to engage correctly when a potential client reaches out, such as leaving a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Effective client engagement does not just mean replying when someone reaches out. It also involves active engagement, like acknowledging a follower who retweets your content on Twitter. This helps build a positive relationship with the client and improves your brand’s image.

Following Up: A Real-World Scenario

Let’s examine a real scenario to understand the significance of adequate follow-up. Consider the case of a dental directory service I worked on previously called Emergency Dental Walk-ins. Despite receiving heavy traffic on his directory page, a Florida-based dentist claimed he received no calls from the service.

We introduced a second phone line to address this discrepancy and hired an answering service. We found the dentist was receiving several calls per day, but they were going unanswered and were followed up a few days later. The problem was not with the service but with the response rate. The same issue can occur in law firms where incoming calls get lost in voicemail systems or are not promptly addressed.

One way to resolve this is by prioritizing new client inquiries in your voicemail system and ensuring timely follow-ups. [Google Business Profile]( and [Google Ads]( can provide data on how many people have called your firm, helping you keep track of potential leads.

Using Pixels for Retargeting

However, what if someone visits your website and leaves without contacting you? Here’s where a little piece of technology called a ‘pixel’ comes into play. Once dropped on a visitor’s browser, a pixel can help you track the visitor’s online activities.

Don’t worry if this sounds complex – the technical details are less important than the opportunities it provides. This technology can enable your firm to continuously serve ads to those who’ve visited your website, reminding them of your brand. They’ll see your brand everywhere, eventually returning them to you.

Amazon uses a similar technology, ensuring the products you’ve viewed continue to appear in ads on other websites you visit. This technology was once available only to large organizations, but now it’s affordable for smaller firms.

Retargeting ads are among the cheapest forms of advertising. For a minimal investment, you can remind potential clients of your brand, increasing the likelihood that they will return to your site and eventually contact you.

Making the First Cut

Let’s revisit what we’ve learned. The follow-up process, an often overlooked marketing strategy aspect, is paramount. This includes responding to social media comments or direct inquiries promptly and ensuring new clients find it easy to contact your firm. A swift and personable response can be a game-changer in enhancing your brand’s image and reputation.

Moreover, technology has made it possible to connect with potential clients even when they don’t reach out directly. Retargeting ads can keep your firm in their sightlines, reminding them of your services even as they continue their online activities elsewhere.

Harnessing Familiarity and Trusttrust

Familiarity breeds trust. The more potential clients see your name or firm appearing in their online spaces, the more likely they will remember you when they need legal services. By consistently presenting your brand to your audience, even after they’ve left your website, you enhance your firm’s chances of being the first choice when the need arises.


To effectively turn browsers into clients, your marketing strategy must encompass all aspects of engagement – direct and indirect. A prompt response to inquiries, an active presence on social media, and a strategic use of technology like retargeting ads can significantly boost your firm’s visibility and credibility.

Remember, in the digital age, you compete for attention and recall. A robust follow-up strategy ensures that your firm remains front-of-mind for potential clients, positioning you well within the top 20% of law firms.

Stay tuned for our next “Training Tuesdays” session as we explore more strategies to boost your law firm’s marketing game.

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