SOP #16 – How to Write a Blog Post & Create Awesome Post Outlines

SOP #16 - How to Write a Blog Post (and create awesome post outlines)

How to Write a Blog Post & Create Awesome Post Outlines

In this SOP, you and everybody in your content team will develop an efficient process that will enable you to create high-quality content that attracts users to your website, regardless of your business niche, until your servers crack and die of over exhaustion.

The content on your website helps you rank better on search engines, provides users with the information they need, and can convert them into clients. Content creation is time-consuming, but preparing an outline ensures that your time is well spent. An outline is extremely important because is makes your content more effective, high-quality and consistent. In other words it doubles your chances of hitting the bull’s eye with every piece of content you publish.

Today’s SOP is for you to create blog post outlines that will enable you to write better content and make your writing process easier and more streamlined.

Environment setup

1. Get access to the tools you will need to create the outline (no need to purchase anything, but you may need to register for a free trial):

a. Buzzsumo
b. Sumo Headline Generator
c. Readability Test Tool
d. Moz Title Tag
e. Sumo Power Words
f. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

2. Open this outline file and make a copy. You will be able to use this for every blog post.

3. Open the Popular Content Analysis Worksheet


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