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10. Build Your Client Avatar, Capture Your Most Wanted Clients

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Mastering the Art of Understanding Your Client

Welcome to the halfway point of our journey to becoming part of the top 20% in legal marketing. We’re now equipped with more knowledge and expertise than our peers. But it’s not just about accumulating knowledge – it’s about applying it effectively to drive success. Our journey to the 20% is active participation, not passive listening.

How often we have heard, “I’m just not getting the type of clients that our firm needs to thrive from the internet”.   I’d like to pose to you that this is likely because you have not methodically catalogued what the “ideal client” looks like, and therefore your internet marketers, simply schlock out the same drivel as everyone else, leaving you to pick up, the same type of client as everyone else.  There is a structured process called the “Client Avatar” that helps you to better understand and define your ultimate client, and in the process, you will likely uncover unique ways of reaching that prospect.

Unpacking the Concept of the Client Avatartarget client

Today, we dive into the critical aspect of understanding your client and constructing the client avatar. This pivotal stage in our course involves self-reflection and an analysis of our past missteps. Let’s discuss an anecdote from my experience with a real estate agent who sold high-end waterfront property.

We meticulously crafted a marketing campaign around a specific avatar: wealthy, young, vibrant individuals who used their properties as vacation homes. After the campaign failed to deliver results, we reconsidered our assumptions. We had created a client avatar based on personal bias, and our marketing efforts had been misdirected.

Through reflection and re-evaluation, we discovered the clientele were retired, upper-middle-class, and local. Our shift in focus helped us adjust the campaign and appeal to the correct client avatar, turning our strategy around.

It’s crucial to remember that understanding our clientele is not an optional step. The key is to clearly understand your client and craft marketing materials that resonate with them from there. We need to comprehend who our clients are on a fundamental level – their lifestyle, reading habits, favorite lunch spots, and passions. This knowledge aids us in advertising to the right people in the right places.

Defining Your Client Avatar

Creating a client avatar is a process that can help you avoid making the same mistakes I did. There’s a helpful resource available – a PDF document linked (, created by brilliant marketer Ryan Deiss, that assists in defining your client avatar.

Understanding your client profile extends beyond your firm. Large corporations such as Home Shopping Network invested heavily in defining client avatars and building their marketing strategies around these personas. If significant players in the business world see the value in this, it’s undoubtedly worth the investment for your firm too.

FAQ The Value Of An Attorney Performing The “Client Avatar” Exercise:

Q1: What is the “client avatar” exercise?

A: The “client avatar” exercise is a method used by attorneys to create a detailed profile of their ideal client. It involves researching and understanding the motivations, preferences, and characteristics of their target audience.

Q2: Why is it important for an attorney to perform the “client avatar” exercise?

A: The exercise helps attorneys gain a deep understanding of their clients, enabling them to tailor their marketing efforts and legal services to meet their clients’ specific needs. It helps build rapport, anticipate client expectations, and establish a strong foundation of trust and credibility.

Q3: How does the “client avatar” exercise help attorneys better understand their clients’ motivations?

A: By creating a client avatar, attorneys can identify their clients’ goals, challenges, and pain points. This understanding allows them to approach legal matters from the client’s perspective, making it easier to provide effective solutions and personalized guidance.

Q4: How does the “client avatar” exercise help attorneys market to their clients?

A: When attorneys have a clear understanding of their client avatar, they can develop targeted marketing strategies. By crafting messages that resonate with their ideal clients’ interests and concerns, attorneys can increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and attract the right clientele.

Q5: What are the benefits of creating potential clients who already “know, like, and trust” the law firm?

A: Building the “know, like, and trust” factor before meeting clients establishes a solid foundation for successful attorney-client relationships. When potential clients already have a positive impression of the law firm through marketing efforts aligned with their needs, they are more likely to choose that firm over others.

Q6: Can the “client avatar” exercise help attorneys save time and resources?

A: Yes, by targeting their marketing efforts and legal services to their ideal clients, attorneys can avoid wasting time and resources on individuals who are unlikely to benefit from their services. This focus allows them to streamline their efforts and allocate resources more effectively.

Q7: How often should attorneys revisit their client avatar profiles?

A: It is recommended for attorneys to revisit and update their client avatar profiles periodically. Client preferences and market dynamics may change over time, and staying attuned to these shifts ensures that attorneys can continue to effectively market to and serve their clients’ evolving needs.

Remember, the purpose of this FAQ is to provide a general understanding of the value of the “client avatar” exercise for attorneys. Individual circumstances may vary, and it’s always advisable to consult with marketing professionals for personalized advice.

Putting It into Practice

It might feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, but this process is crucial for success. Contact your clients and show genuine interest in them as individuals, not just as clients. Ask about their reading preferences or favorite sports – any information that can help you understand them better and build a more accurate client avatar.

This effort isn’t about invading privacy but rather demonstrating that you care about serving them better. Once we clearly understand your ideal client, we can start crafting tailored marketing messages and strategies.

Embrace the Uncomfortabletarget client

Yes, it might be uncomfortable and take some work, but remember, being part of the top 20% is not about staying in your comfort zone. It’s about challenging norms, about discipline, about executing strategies effectively.

Welcome to the 20. We’re more equipped and prepared as we cross the halfway point of our journey. Remember, the goal is to be part of the top 20% of legal marketers, and it’s within your reach. So, don’t give up; take that step out of your comfort zone, and join us as we venture towards our goal.

Stay tuned, and we’ll see you on the other side. Here’s to making strides toward our goal. Have a great day.

Additional Resources

  1. DigitalMarketer’s Customer Avatar Worksheet: This link leads to the resource mentioned in this blog post. It provides a concrete method to start creating a client avatar, giving a deeper understanding of the concept.
  2. Forbes’ Article on The Importance of Understanding Your Customers: This article from Forbes discusses the importance of understanding your customers. It can motivate readers to create a client avatar and further emphasize why understanding the customer is crucial in marketing.
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