LLM- SOP #21- Setting up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics

SOP #21- Setting up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics

In this SOP, your goal is to set up conversion goals in Google Analytics.

This is important because no matter what your business is, knowing If your users are performing the actions that allow your business to grow, and which users are most likely to perform them is vital to your success and to your optimization strategy.

Today’s SOP is “Setting up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics”

The specific steps on this SOP apply only to Universal Google Analytics (not Google Analytics 4). If you followed other ClickMinded SOPs to create your Google Analytics account or if you set up Google Analytics before October 2020 you most likely have a Universal Analytics property.

This SOP will go over the process to track 5 types of conversions that should cover the majority of your needs:

  • Lead Signup
  • Purchase
  • Button Click
  • Session Time
  • Pages / Session