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7. If They Can’t Get You Easily, Why Bother?

Law Office Marketing Conversion

In today’s lesson, we’ll focus on improving client engagement by offering diverse contact options. Here’s what you need to know:

Build Trust: Create a trustworthy online presence to make potential clients feel comfortable reaching out to you.

Encourage Action: Promptly invite potential clients to connect with you, making the contact process effortless.

Communication Preferences: Different generations have varying communication preferences. Understand and cater to these preferences, such as phone calls, email forms, chatbots, or social media messaging.

Offer Multiple Channels: Provide various ways for clients to contact you on your website, including contact forms, phone numbers, live chat, and social media messaging.

Responsiveness Matters: Monitor all communication channels consistently and respond promptly to inquiries, ensuring a seamless experience for potential clients.

By accommodating different communication preferences and offering multiple contact options, you increase the likelihood of being considered by potential clients who are researching multiple attorneys.

Strive to be part of the 20% that captures 80% of the business by embracing diverse contact methods and effectively engaging with potential clients.

Looking forward to our next lesson together!

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