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Law Firms Make More Money

When they crack the code to effective digital marketing.

If you are absolutely serious about at least Doubling or Tripling your firm’s revenue within 12 months, then NOW is the time to meet with Local Legal Marketing.

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Local Legal Marketing delivers a highly structured proven system that drives tremendous growth in new clients for legal offices prepared to "go the distance.

If it’s time to deploy a highly structured 12-month marketing system, it’s time for Local Legal Marketing.

If you are still hanging on to the ONE THING that will grow your law firm, may we suggest our DIY training BeThe20 instead,

because there is NO ONE THING.


To double, triple, and more your per partner profit, requires only 3 things. Local Legal Marketing provides 2 of them.

More Clients & Higher Value Cases.

The third is your ability to deliver on the work with excellence.

When do you want to start seeing new prospects and new clients? If “TODAY,” is your answer, it’s time we talk about how to bring in new clients from digital sources.

We understand our part, all you need to do is reach out, and set an interview.


Shouldn’t your website JUST WORK?

Welcome to our frustration-free, works the first time, prospect generating, proven, rock-solid Client Attraction Blueprint.

Forget the frustration of hit-and-miss marketing attempts.

Forget trying to understand all the "techno-babble."

Forget the empty promises.

Step up to Local Legal Marketing, and the Rainmaker Client Attraction blueprint.

Relax, we got this.


Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Tweets, blogs, citations, videos, backlinks, automation, retargeting... ARRGHHHH!

What the blazes do all this baffling stuff have to do with practicing law?

The Truth is, to bring in Waves Of New Clients, and more importantly, significantly increased profit for the firm, the hard stuff has to be done.

However, it does NOT have to be done by you!

Leave the “digital black box” to us.

Let it go. Practice Law instead.

Rainmaker Client Attraction Blueprint by Local Legal Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies For Attorneys

The Right System, The Right Coach, The Right Results.

Your firm, like every other, depends on new revenue growth to be able to continue to provide exceptional legal service to your clients.


Your Digital Marketing Strategy, your “Strategic Clarity”, should have an unabashed laser-like focus on driving new opportunities to your firm.


Take Back Control of your law firm’s growth. Work with our digital marketing “Growth Hackers”, leave those antiquated non-performing web-only strategies in the dirt. In fact, leave your competition in the dirt while you’re at it!

Meet Jeff Folkersen,
Founding Partner.

Jeff first started working with attorneys when wordprocessors were barely starting to be adopted on microcomputers, a few years before the first PC. Jeff has marketed both to, and for, attorneys, for over 40 years. His first agency was launched in 1999. He’s seen fads come and go, but what has remained consistent in his experiences are foundation-level strategies, upon which he leverages the most current latest and greatest tactics.

It stopped being “about the website” a few years ago and is now all about the system. Jeff has driven systems for decades that drive waves of new clients to law firms across the country.

Rainmaker Client
Attraction Blueprint

Digital Marketing Roadmaps To Drive New Clients & Customers

Digital Marketing Roadmaps To Drive New Clients & Customers

Our Rainmaker Client Attraction Blueprint

We have the tools to help you tell your story and convert new clients.  It is a strange thing though. Tools don’t build a house, they are just tools.  You need to start with a plan, and from that plan, layer in the features you want unique to you, and when you start installing the features you want, you reach for your tool kit.  SO… everyone we have ever dealt with asks ..”Do you do Facebook Ads?” or “Do you do video marketing?”.   Usually because they just attended a seminar pitching “the one thing” that will make your firm grow.   The answer is YES, we do pretty much everything, but we do them all within the context of a plan.  The focus of the digital marketing plan, for Local Legal Marketing, is always, how to grow your law firm as fast as your internal resources can adapt to more business.  SO… here’s the list, but ignore it, let’s discuss a strategy that works for your firm, not bits and pieces. 

How far our Tampa attorney client outpaces their nearest competitor
0 %
Minimum monthly traffic to our Pennsylvania attorney client
Number of months it took to get to the top of search for our Brandon, FL attorney client
Months. Your time commitment to dominate legal search results


How We Work Together


Can we work with each other?


What makes your business unique?

Digital Strategy Presentation

Present Specific Startup Strategy for initial conversation.


Discuss digital marketing investment to launch.

Digital Marketing Kickoff

Collaborate – we’ll be working together to drive the new Strategy.

Campaign Delivery

Launch! Big Bang, or a phased delivery. Monitor Results.

Monitor Results

Monitor results, and adjust strategy as needed.

Test & Perfect

Split test alternative content to evaluate impact on conversion, adjust content as needed to perfect the message and the response.

Local Legal Marketing Digital Strategies Success Stories…

Don’t take our word for it!

This graph taken directly from Google Analytics shows website traffic growth for one of our legal services clients in Sarasota. We began working with them in December 2020. They had traffic to their site below 200 visits a month for the 3 preceding years. This growth could be yours.


Client Reviews

Our promise to our clients is astoundingly simple.

Our Promise To You

When we work together,
we leverage all we have learned marketing online from before there was a World Wide Web, to today.

We believe in clear, concise, time-proven,
actionable processes to new business to our clients.

Our singular focus is the profitability of your law firm, delivering unambiguous results (and more clients)
to your Legal Firm, through smart digital marketing.

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