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Who We Are:

Hi there! You’re currently browsing the website run by HOF, Inc. This includes our awesome family of brands: Local Legal Marketing, LLC, StudioHOF, Inc., BeThe20, and Rainmaker Online Strategies. When we say “we”, “us”, and “our”, we’re talking about HOF, Inc. We’re thrilled to offer you this website, packed with information, tools, and services. All we ask is that you agree to play by the rules (our terms, conditions, policies, and notices) while you’re here.

Using Our Services:

When you browse our site or buy something from us, you’re using what we call our “Service”. By doing so, you’re saying, “Yes, I agree to these terms and conditions.” We’ve also got some additional terms, conditions, and policies that you can check out via hyperlinks. These apply to everyone who uses our site, whether you’re just browsing, buying, selling, or contributing content.  Services, in this context, refer to the services that our website provides and do not mean to speak to the actual services that HOF, Inc., as a business, provides to our customers.   For the purposes of this agreement, Services only include website-related services and not the actual work-product of HOF, Inc.

Before You Dive In:

Please take a moment to read these terms and conditions. They’re like the rulebook for using our website. If you’re not on board with everything here, then our website might not be for you. But if you use any part of our site, that means you accept these terms. Just a heads up – if we offer something, it’s under these terms and conditions.

Staying Updated:

We’re always evolving! New features and tools might be added, and they’ll be under these same terms. We keep the latest version of our terms here for you to review. We might change things up sometimes, so it’s a good idea to check back here now and then. If you keep using the site after we post changes, that means you’re okay with them.

Website Terms:

  • Age Requirement: By agreeing to these terms, you’re confirming that you’re at least the age of majority where you live, or if you’re not, you have permission from someone who is.
  • Legal Use: Please don’t use our services for anything illegal or break any laws in your area while using our Service.
  • Be Safe: Keep it clean—no viruses or harmful code, please!
  • Breaking the Rules: If you don’t stick to these terms, we might have to say goodbye and stop providing you services.

General Stuff:

  • Service Refusal: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.
  • Your Content: Just so you know, when you upload content, it might get transferred unencrypted and could be changed to meet technical requirements.
  • Respect Our Service: Don’t copy, resell, or exploit any part of the Service or access to the Service without our permission.
  • Just Headings: The headings here are for convenience and don’t limit or affect these terms.

About Our Information:

  • Accuracy: We try our best, but we can’t promise that our site’s information is always perfect. Use it as a general guide, but also look for more accurate and complete sources.
  • Historical Info: Some information might be outdated – it’s there for reference.
  • Updates: We might change our site’s contents, but we’re not obligated to keep everything up-to-date. Keep an eye on the site for changes.

Changes in Services and Prices:

  • Price Changes: Our product prices could change without notice.
  • Service Changes: We might modify or discontinue the Service or parts of it without telling you in advance.
  • No Liability: If we change or stop offering the Service, we’re not responsible for any impact it might have on you.

Products or Services:

  • Online Only: Some products or services might only be available online and might have limited quantities.
  • Sales Limits: We might limit sales of our products or services to certain people or areas, and we can change work-product service descriptions and prices at any time.
  • No Warranties on Products: We can’t promise that everything will meet your expectations or that we’ll always fix any mistakes.  Of course, we will bend over backwards to make things right, but since we don’t control the internet, we can’t guarantee any outcomes.

Billing and Account Info:

  • Order Refusal: We reserve the right to refuse any order you place with us.
  • Accurate Info: Please provide accurate and up-to-date information for your purchases.

Optional Tools:

  • Third-Party Tools: We might give you access to tools from other parties that we don’t control or monitor.
  • No Liability: We’re not responsible for what happens if you use these third-party tools.

Links to Other Sites:

  • Third-Party Content: You might find links to other sites on our Service, but we’re not responsible for them.

Your Feedback and Comments:

  • Use of Your Comments: If you send us ideas or comments, we might use them without any restrictions or obligation to compensate you.
  • Responsibility for Comments: Make sure your comments are respectful and don’t infringe on anyone’s rights.

Your Privacy:

  • Handling Personal Info: We respect your privacy. Check our Privacy Policy to see how we handle your personal information.

Mistakes Happen:

  • Errors on the Site: Sometimes there might be mistakes on our site related to product descriptions, pricing, etc. We have the right to fix these and cancel orders if needed.

Things You Can’t Do:

  • Prohibited Uses: There are certain things we don’t allow on our site, like using it for illegal purposes, harassing others, or spreading viruses.
  • Consequences for Breaking Rules: If you don’t follow these rules, we might have to stop providing our services to you.

Warranties and Liability:

  • No Guarantees: We can’t promise that everything will always work perfectly with our service.
  • Limited Liability: Our responsibility for any problems you have with our service is limited.

Protecting Us:

  • Indemnification: If your actions cause a problem or legal issue for us, you agree to help protect us.

What If Parts of These Terms Are Invalid?

  • Severability: If part of these terms isn’t legally valid, the rest still apply.

Ending Our Relationship:

  • Termination: These terms are valid until you or we decide to end them.
  • Continued Obligations: Even if these terms end, some obligations may still continue.

The Full Picture:

  • Entire Agreement: These terms and any documents they refer to form our entire agreement with you about our services. (Again this refers to website services, not actua work-product of HOF, Inc, or any of its related businesses)
  • Waiver: Just because we don’t enforce a part of these terms right away doesn’t mean we waive our rights to do so later.

Which Laws Apply:

  • Governing Law: These terms are governed by the laws of Florida, USA.

Staying Current:

  • Changes to Terms: We might change these terms, and the most current version is always here on our site. By continuing to use the site, you accept these changes.

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